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Thinking about switching your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner? Talk to an expert from our team today. We'll provide you with the support you need. Even after Go Live, your personal contacts will be there to help you along with support.  That way, we work with you to get the most out of it.

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There are good reasons to change partners

The ERP system is right for your company, but you are still dissatisfied? There can be several reasons for this.

The ERP project has failed.

If the ERP project with the current partner was not carried out satisfactorily, this can have various causes:
  • Deadlines are not met. There are major time delays.
  • The costs are too high, with too little benefit.
  • The partner has too little experience in the customer's industry.
  • A highly complex and non-updatable (industry) solution is offered.

No to poor follow-up.

Often, large Microsoft Dynamics partners are growth-oriented, which means that personal interaction with the customer falls by the wayside. The following problems can arise:
  • The customer receives insufficient training during the go-live.
  • Support does not respond flexibly to the customer's concerns.
  • The partner only works through the most necessary points and contributes little or nothing himself.

We convince

This is why companies switch to us


We pick up where others leave off: With the necessary tool and industry knowledge, we are at your side even after the end of the project. Together, we master new challenges and continuously develop your ERP solution. In doing so, we rely on open and honest communication.


We are a team of specialists: Our employees are highly trained and experts in their field. With us, they always have the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. As a training company, we also promote the next generation and can thus permanently ensure the quality standard we have set.


We are proud of the high quality standard of our work: Only permanent employees work for us. Together we always work on the best solution for your project. To this end, we can draw on a large network of partners and specialists. Because your satisfaction is our goal.

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You can request the following documents:

Template specification sheet
ERP System

Erstellen Sie mit unserem Template ein Lastenheft als Vorbereitung für den Start Ihres ERP Projekts.

Guide: Partner selection/change

Erfahren Sie in unserer Checkliste, wann Sie über einen Wechsel Ihres Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central-Partners nachdenken sollten.

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