Integrated time tracking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Integrated time tracking

We are the manufacturer of DynamicTimes, the add-on for time tracking in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which we offer exclusively to our existing customers. The Microsoft certified module integrates 100% with the ERP system. With DynamicTimes, you are able to efficiently and almost automatically control the increase in flexible working time models, such as individual flexitime or overtime regulations and the associated requirements. Together with our existing customers and 25 years of project experience, we are constantly developing our solution and adapting it to the current market situation and future trends.

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The features

DynamicTimes is fully integrated into the human resources system of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV or Navision) and thus uses the uniform employee master and all other existing data. Likewise, the module can be integrated into payroll accounting, taking into account the surcharges of the automated determination of wage costs.

The module enables access control: The door control integrated in DynamicTimes allows to set up temporal and spatial access authorizations. This not only enables the definition of specific access zones or access blocks (e.g. for laboratories), but also the setting up of access profiles for employees. In addition, the module provides access logs for all successful and attempted accesses. In the case of attempted access, an alarm message is also sent.

DynamicTimes is completely integrated into the project module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV or Navision): The automatic recording of all transacted project times as well as their simple allocation, the recording of personnel machine times and the simple evaluation of project working times creates advantages in the project business.

DynamicTimes collects all available data per employee, machine and day and evaluates it. In addition, all machine data, such as machine status messages, scrap times, alarm logs and solutions are collected and made available for evaluation.

Innovative. Flexible. Familiar.


With our add-on for time management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we offer our existing customers and their company many advantages.

100 % integrated
The use of DynamicTimes is possible without an interface. The module is fully integrated into the standard solution, but also works with all industry solutions or individually customized versions. It can be used in all versions from Dynamics NAV 5.0.
Intuitive usability
DynamicTimes fits seamlessly into the Microsoft world of design. Likewise, the usability as well as the structure does not differ from Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central. This enables fast and intuitive work as well as an optimal user experience.
The special solution for time management masters the 60ths cycle. This offers you a maximum of comfort, because you do not have to think in decimal numbers. However, DynamicTimes can also be used in the 100th cycle or any other cycle and thus flexibly adapts to your requirements.
Automated overhead calculation
Whether time surcharges for Sundays or holidays or even for night shifts – DynamicTimes guarantees you a fully automatic calculation of all surcharge types. A manual processing and booking of the surcharges is no longer necessary.
Multiple testing possibilities
DynamicTimes makes it easy for you to check working hours with regard to the Working Hours Act and the Protection of Minors Act. This mainly concerns the observance of breaks and rest periods as well as the maximum working time.
Informative evaluations
The evaluation options in DynamicTimes include three core reports: The "Core Report Time Statement" is used for monthly accounting. The "Core Report Balance Overview for Supervisors" helps supervisors maintain an overview. The "Notes on processing" simplify the handling of incorrect entries.
Integrated authorization management
In DynamicTimes it is possible to set up an individual rights structure without spending a lot of time. The setup is done via predefined user roles. This ensures that only authorized persons can edit the data.
Comprehensive duty scheduling
With DynamicTimes, duty scheduling is done quickly. Select your planning period and create duty rosters on a daily or monthly basis. Check for target, under- or over-scheduling is done automatically.
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